Electrical Product Manufacturers in Canada {Infographic}

Do you ever wonder where in the world your electrical products come from? Believe it or not, many of the electrical products you use today are manufactured right here in Canada. From Siemens to Thomas & Betts, some of the most well-known brands in our industry have Canadian manufacturing facilities for a wide range of electrical products.

In honour of Canada Day, we're showcasing our support for Canadian-made electrical products with the infographic below. After all, as a Canadian-owned electrical distributor, we like to support Canadian manufacturers and subsidiaries who give back to our local communities and make great products at the same time. In fact, just by buying Canadian-made electrical products, you too can help create Canadian jobs, save costs and more. This infographic will show you:

Learn more about why you should choose Canadian electrical product manufacturers and subsidiaries in the infographic below.

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Canadian Manufacturers infographic