These forms are used to collect information for:

  • your personalized training and development history
  • our company goal of 40 hours average training per employee per year
  • vendor activities such as joint sales calls, counter days and training

Use the Submit Form to enter details about the activity you have completed.

There are different forms for each type of activity.

  • Use the appropriate form.
  • Fill in all the information correctly.
  • Dates on forms should be the date of the event, not the date submitted.

Your supervisor will review and approve your entry, ensuring it was recorded properly.

Human Resources will review each entry before the data is used in the organizational training reports.

Unapproved forms will not be included and you will have the option to resubmit.

Please ensure that all applicable fields are completed and that all data is correct prior to submitting your form.

You can view your training and development history by clicking on “personal history”. It is organized by fiscal year to enable quick management of your personal training hours.

If you have questions contact :

  • Form questions – Carrie Higgins
  • Approval or hour questions – Your Supervisor or Donna Galay
  • Other questions – Your Supervisor, your manager, Renee Lytle or Donna Galay
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