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Please note our Head Office postal code has changed. The address along with new postal code is:
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As of Oct 1, 2012 all Lighting, Ballast and Worklights are subject to Eco Fees. Please refer to your invoice for your final Eco Fee charges. For more information on Eco Fees in BC, please visit www.lightrecycle.ca
Owing to the volatility in the copper and steel markets, quoted prices for Teck cable, copper building wire and emt/rigid conduit are only able to be held for 5 days subject to E.B. Horsman’s stock availability.

Qty B/O UOM Item ID
Item Description
Qty Ordered: 500 Qty Shipped: 500 Qty B/O: 2 UOM: EA Pricing UOM: EA Unit Price: 0.0424 Extended Price: 21.20
Qty Ordered: 2 Qty Shipped: 2 Qty B/O: 0 UOM: EA Pricing UOM: EA Unit Price: 17.5566 Extended Price: 35.11
Qty Ordered: 8 Qty Shipped: 8 Qty B/O: 0 UOM: EA Pricing UOM: EA Unit Price: 5.1065 Extended Price: 40.85

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