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Ordered By: Ms. Fern N/A (AP)

HST/GST # 80465 4119

Please note our Head Office postal code has changed. The address along with new postal code is:
19295 - 25 Avenue Surrey, B.C. V3Z 3X1

Cust PO #: 056445 Salesrep: Keith Richards Entered By: PWHEATCROFT
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Qty B/O UOM Item ID
Item Description
Qty Ordered: 500 Qty Shipped: 500 Qty B/O: 2 UOM: EA Pricing UOM: EA Unit Price: 0.0424 Extended Price: 21.20
Qty Ordered: 2 Qty Shipped: 2 Qty B/O: 0 UOM: EA Pricing UOM: EA Unit Price: 17.5566 Extended Price: 35.11
Qty Ordered: 8 Qty Shipped: 8 Qty B/O: 0 UOM: EA Pricing UOM: EA Unit Price: 5.1065 Extended Price: 40.85

The Customer agrees to the E.B.Horsman & Son Terms and Conditions which shall form part of this Invoice which include, but are not limited to: Net 30 days.

Interest of 2% per month (26.8% per anumm) will be charged on past due accounts. Non Stock Materials may not be accepted for credit and/or may be subject to Restocking Charges. Items deemed to be non re-sellable due to damage, incomplete packaging, missing components or found to be misused will not be accepted for credit. E.B. Horsman & Son will gladly honor all warranty claims based upon manufacturer's published terms and conditions.E.B. Horsman & Son does not offer any warranty terms beyond the manufacturer's published terms and conditions. Restocking charges may apply to all items requested for return.